Terms & Conditions
Terms of Rental
  1. By signing the Rental Agreement, the member acknowledges he/she has carefully inspected the goods, accepted the stated defects and received the goods.

  2. Rented goods are for the personal use of the relevant member only and should not be loaned, rented to other person or used for any other commercial purposes.

  3. Members should not modify any rented goods in any way.

  4. Rented goods remain the property of ICONLady . Members have no right to conduct any infringement activity (including selling or pledging the goods to other person).。

  5. Rented goods must be returned to ICONLady during its business hours on/before the last day of the rental period. A return made after the last day of the rental period will be deemed as a late return.

  6. If rented goods are not returned within 30 days from date of receipt by the member, ICONLady may consider the goods as sold to the member and forfeit the relevant deposit.

  7. ICONLady may at anytime apply the deposits of any member to settle any outstanding charges owed to ICONLady by the relevant member. On receipt of the rented goods from the member, ICONLady will refund any balance of the deposit to the member.

  8. On receipt of goods returned, ICONLady may charge the member a reasonable repair or cleaning charge for damages caused by the member (except normal wear and tear and those defects stated in the Rental Agreement).

  9. If damages found on goods returned are beyond repair or the expected appearance or quality condition after repair will differ from the original product, ICONLady may consider the goods as sold to the member and apply the relevant deposit to pay for the sale price of the goods. If the member did not lodge sufficient amount of deposit on renting the goods, the member has to pay ICONLady for any deficit.