Frequently Asked Questions
How often does ICONLady renew its products?
ICONLady buys designer products around the world from time to time for its customers to buy or rent. If customers have any products in favour, they may propose to ICONLady . ICONLady often sells its products to generate resources and space for new products.

How many products can I rent on one occasion?
There is no restriction on this.

How long can I rent a product?
In any case, if you do not return the product within 30 days, ICONLady will consider the product as sold and your deposit will be applied for the purchase.

Will a customer be held responsible for staining a product?
Stains originally noticed and accepted by all parties at time of rental will be exempted. If ordinary cleansing can bring the product back to its original condition, ICONLady will not charge the customer for any cleansing fee. If the stains are stubborn and need specialized cleaning process, the customer needs to pay for a reasonable cleansing fee. If the stains are so stubborn that no cleansing process can bring it back to its original condition, the customer needs to buy the product at its retail sale price at time of rental. However, paid rental can be applied to pay for the retail sale price of the product.

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