Frequently Asked Questions
Why should a customer rent instead of buy a designer item?
By spending a small sum of money, people can enjoy numerous designer products by renting, to match different dresses and cater for different occasions. It also gives people a chance to "try before buy", saving the risk of spending a fortune on things that they later dislike. There is no hassle in depreciation or storage of the products. Renting is more cost-saving and environmentally-friendly than buying an expensive designer item which you may use only for one occasion or season.

Are ICONLady 's products really 100% authentic designer items and not replicas?
ICONLady has stringent quality control measures. It guarantees that all its products are 100% authentic designer items and not replicas or fakes.

How can ICONLady ensure 100% authenticity of its products?
ICONLady only buys from original manufacturers or established and reliable sources. For products consigned for sale/rent by its customers, ICONLady usually requires verification by original invoices or certificates and the stringent inspection according to the manufacturer's specifications by its experienced purchasing staffs. In any case of doubt, ICONLady will reject that deal.

What is the quality of ICONLady 's products?
Products bought from original manufacturers are 100% brand-new. ICONLady selectively buys or accepts consignments of pre-owned products which are up to a very high quality standard. Before selling or renting any products, ICONLady will carefully inspect and thoroughly clean them to ensure their top fit conditions. If there are any defects, ICONLady will clearly state them and let customers decide if they can be accepted. To protect its prestigious image, ICONLady does not compromise on service and product quality.