ICONLady Club
ICONLady Club is a club for ICONLady ’s valued customers to enjoy various privileges offered by ICONLady .
Customers of ICONLady can apply for the free membership of its ICONLady Club.
Special Offer:
1. Each new ICONLady Club member will receive a welcome gift via email.
2. For birthday ICONLady members, 1 gift will be especially for you and sending to your email account.
Members of ICONLady Club can earn and accumulate credit points while they are enjoying the products and services of ICONLady . These credit points can be redeemed for products, services, gifts, discounts, priority usage and lots of other privileges. Here are a few examples on how fast you can earn your credits.:
* On joining ICONLady Club, you earn 1,000 credit points.
* For each $1 you spend at ICONLady , you earn 1 credit point.
* During the month of your birthday, you earn 2 credit points for each $1 you spend on all transactions during that month.
* On successfully referring a friend to join ICONLady Club, you earn 10,000 credit points. There is no limit on the number of referrals. Moreover, your friend whom you have referred also earns 5,000 credit points.
* For each item of goods that you have consigned to ICONLady for sale or rent, you earn 1,000 credit points. There is no limit on the number of items, as long as ICONLady accepts them.

Gifts for Credit Points
Credit Points Gift
30,000 $300 ICONLady Cash Coupon
40,000 $400 ICONLady Cash Coupon
50,000 $500 ICONLady Cash Coupon

Credit Points can be Accumulated Up to 24 Months