About Us
Mission Statement
ICONLady aims at providing various handbags services, including brand new sales, consignment, rental, exchange, etc, with a view to encourage ladies to enrich their life. Honesty, integrity and mutual respect will be at the base of all our behaviour. These inherent qualities exist in everything we do and say. Our philosophy has always been to focus on customer satisfaction.
Enjoyable Lifestyle
ICONLady only provides prestigious, famous and authentic handbags for our customers to enjoy life at a reasonable price.
Charitable and Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle
(1) ICONLady welcomes our customers to consign their handbags for sale and rental, the revenue can be for self-use or donated to nominated charities or environmental protection groups.
(2) ICONLady pledges to donate 10% of its net profit after income tax to charities and environmental protection groups in Hong Kong.
Resources Conservation
Customers can rent the latest and most graceful handbags for different occasions. They do not need to spend a large amount of money to buy a handbag and only use it for one particular occasion.